Total Number of Rallies: 15,743

Every year, America Needs Fatima organizes thousands of Public Square Rosary Rallies all across our great nation to pray for America and the conversion of sinners as Our Lady of Fatima requested.

Our Goal for October 15th, 2016 is 15,000 Rallies!

To Join our Rosary Rally Crusade follow these 3 simple steps!

  • Sign Up to become a Rosary Rally Captain HERE!
  • Starting September 15th - all registered Captains will be able to create a Rosary Rally Captain Profile in order to participate in the Rosary Rally Photo Gallery.
  • Starting October 15th - all Registered Rally Captains will have the ability to upload up to 10 images of their Rosary Rally! They will also be able to type a brief recap of their Rally turnout for others to read.

Once you are signed up as a Rally Captain, you will be able to specify your rally location which will appear on our map for others to search and find the nearest rally for them to attend.

If you do not require any more banners for your Rally, please let us know, otherwise you will be automatically sent a banner. You can also let us know if you need English or Spanish banners/manuals.

To create a Rally Profile, you need to type your last name, zip code or email for verification purposes of registration.

If, you have any difficulties, we will be glad to assist.
Call 1-888-317-5571